BEMMAN – Folding doors

Folding doors are an ideal variant to maximise an open space. The optimal solution for the separation of an outdoor area from an internal one, as with a partition wall. Maximum width of one panel is 0.90m and weight is 90 kg., maximum height is 2.80m, maximum overall width is 12m. The most exclusive restaurants and hotels in Europe and Russia proudly use BEMMAN sliding and folding doors.

Prednosti harmonika vrata BEMMAN-a:

  • Quality
  • Long useful life
  • Maximum sound insulation
  • Ecological performance – 100% solid wood
  • Individual design
  • Delivery, installation and after sales service – WITH NO INTERMEDIARIES!
  • Five year product guarantee, but the wood will last for centuries!
9Laminated Lumber
4Schlegel seal
10OTTO silicone sealant
8Sealed insulating glass unit – Stained-glass window