Entrance doors

BEMANN produces entrance doors from laminated oak veneer, with a thickness of 78mm (on the frame as well as the panel), with 2 seals and a guillotine seal on the lower edge of the sash, together with jambs, casings and decorative components. The glass in BEMANN entrance doors is shockproof, anti-vandal, and tailored to your own design, and can be combined with extra elements of decorative ironwork, if required. BEMANN offers electrochromic glazing, smart glass, heated glass or projection glazing (SunDream, ClearView), for a unique entrance door design. BEMANN will work with you to produce your own unique design of entrance door.

Advantages of BEMANN entrance doors:

  • Quality
  • Long useful life
  • Maximum sound insulation
  • Ecological performance – 100% solid wood
  • Reliability
  • Integral one piece frame, without the need for additional parts
  • Unique individual design
  • Secure lock – POSEIDON with “parrot beak” latches
  • Heavy SIMONSWERK burglar resistant hinges, which are designed to be almost impossible to break
  • The newest glazing technologies
  • Delivery, installation and after sales service – WITH NO INTERMEDIARIES!
  • Five year product guarantee, but the wood will last for centuries!